Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe for Your Pets and Children.

Is professional carpet cleaning safe?  This is a question that I have been researching.  Some things to think about before you get your carpets cleaned by a cleaning company is: How will affect your baby? Is it safe for dogs, cats or birds? safe-carpet-cleaning

According to my research, the most danger with carpet cleaning is during the process and immediately after the cleaning. Generally speaking, there are two types of carpet cleaning. There is the dry chemical method and steam cleaning.

Basically, it is up to you to do the research on the company that you are choosing and asking them exactly what chemicals they are using. Call up a carpet cleaning company and ask them to send you a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS.  This is the chemical safety sheet that all chemical have.  This sheet will tell you the dangers of the chemical and who to contact for further questions.  You can identify the chemicals used in the products and do further research on the internet to identify the hazardous of the chemical.

Chemical cleaning of the carpets leave me a little worried because I wonder if all the chemical are completely vacuumed out of the carpet.  Again how safe is the chemicals.

Steam cleaning extraction uses a solution of hot water and chemicals.   Don’t be mistaken. Steam is not used… it’s just very hot water.  Approximately 90% of the water that is used to clean the carpet is sucked back out of the carpet, leaving the remaining 10% to dry.  This 10% of moisture left in the carpet, a solution of water and chemical, must evaporate.  If the chemicals evaporate you should know what are the VOC’s or volatile organic compounds used in the cleaning chemicals.

Exposure of chemical to your pets and loved ones occur during the cleaning process and drying time after the carpet are cleaned. These VOC are released into the air and potentially can be dangerous.

SPECIAL WARNING.  Birds have very delicate respiratory systems.  You must get you bird to fresh air and away from any chemical during and after carpet cleaning.  Harmful VOC’s will kill your bird.

The ASPCA Poison Control Center reportedly claims that most home carpet cleaning products are safe for animals as longs as the instructions for the products are followed.  Again it is up to you to research even you green or eco-friendly carpet cleaners.   Ask them about their chemical free cleaning processes.

Research you carpet cleaner by looking online and reading the reviews.

Regardless,  as a rule of thumb if you are going to have your carpets cleaned it’s best to remove your animals, especially birds, and babies out of the home until the carpets are dry and some fresh air had entered the home.

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Resources: ASPC Poison Control Center :

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